Whats Going on at the farm

 4/1/12  We have had a lot of stuff going on at the farm over the last couple of weeks so Ill take little time to catch you all up on it. We went to the Orlando show and hag a wonderful time down there as always. The Grand Chapion of the show was owned by our goos friends Grant and Penny Patton. It was a 30" three step Kohaku that was just stunning! So good job Penny (it was her fish) Next we went ot the Middle Georgia Koi Show and had a good time there and one of our Asagi won Best In Varietie, that felt real goooood!!!!!!! I don't want tho take away from the Grand Champion however, that was a 30" or so Showa that was owned by Bart and Kathy Atkens. Bart is the President of thire club and dose a lot of work to make sure the show goes well so good job to them as well!!! Now its back to the day to day work of the farm. We have a spawn of Kohakus in the fry pond and we are going to get on with the rest of the spawning just as soon as I can get things going. I think we are going to spawn the ling fins next and give the others sone time to relax from being drug out of thire nice big pond and put into some small tank.

    3/1/12  Just pumped pond 6 down and looked at the fish. Most of them were Goromos, there were also 4 Sankes. The Sankes look good and it looks as if we have one good Aigromo. These fish were born in May of 2011 and are about 10 inches long. I'll up-date when we decide what we are going to do with them, we may have some of them in Orlando. Johnna will have pictures on our Facebook page soon.  

   2/21/12  The farm has aquired two acres next to the driveway so we are getting things together to have two fry ponds put in. All the ponds at the farm are deep and it makes culling difficult. We are planning for one of the ponds to be 45' by 40' and 3' deep, the next one will be 15' by 85' and also 3' deep. By the end of March, we hope they will be useable as we have plans to put two Kohaku spawns in then. Last year we had some success with the Kohakus and we feel this addition is just going to make things just a little bit better. 

  We also are planning to put more fry ponds in as the money allows. Next year we are hoping to have several fry ponds, this will give us a jump on our first cull and that should make for better Koi for all of you. I'm sure we will post pictures on Facebook as we progress. 

    2/25/12  Ok, started digging today. I have two holes ready for liners. One which is 45’X40' and about 3’ deep; the other is 85’ long and 15’ wide and also 3’ deep. I have just a little leveling to do and we will put the liner in.

  The new lot is an old fill site. As we dug the ponds, we found alot of junk.  There were things like large stumps, drain pipes, and just a bunch of old junk. The large drain pipes we will use to put a road across the ditch between the farm and this new lot. The other stuff we will burn or carry to the dump. I'll get Johnna to get some pictures up on Facebook tomorrow.